Reliable Private Label Supplement and Dietary Supplement manufacturer:

Cavendish Nutrition has obtained the tag of the best dietary supplement manufacturer by providing quality and honest services for years. People heavily rely on us, when it comes to private label supplements or dietary supplement manufacturing, as we have the finest manufacturing procedure.


Being a leading private label supplements manufacturer, we have a huge choice of pre-made supplements for your label and your clients or customers to buy. We make sure that your product formula holds high competitiveness in the market. All our supplement manufacturing and dietary supplement manufacturing services meet US FDA standards. We are proud to be cGMP partners. This speaks the volume of our trustworthiness and authenticity.

Cavendish Nutrition has various speed rotary compressing machines and high-output encapsulation machines. All of our manufacturing processes go under strict checking and observance of supremely skilled staff. We prioritize excellent service at any cost. All the products are timely delivered with great packaging. Being a private label supplements manufacturer, we perform all the research, formulation, ingredient sourcing, blending, and manufacture of the product.


Cavendish nutrition has extensive product warehousing and high volume private label supplements and dietary supplement manufacturing capabilities. One thing is for sure when you come to us your private label supplements will have high value in the market as we work on the principle of customer satisfaction and happiness.

Standard Protein and Capsule Manufacturing:

Proteins are one of the most highly demanded nutraceuticals in the market. We all know its significance. Our protein manufacturing process carries out in the latest and advanced technology machines. Being a leading protein manufacturer we have the greatest ability to manufacture quality protein powder and supplements in the given amount of time. Living up to the mark of the best protein manufacturer, we use high-standard raw ingredients for our protein manufacturing process.


We manufacture proteins in the machines that have the facility of V-blenders and ribbon with the intention of protein powder staying uniform and precisely filled. Our expert staff follows strict standards of hygiene so as for flawless protein manufacturing. The in-house facility is temperature- controlled so as to keep protein powder dry and with its original delicious taste.

Cavendish Nutrition and Fulfilment is a definitive answer for your capsule manufacturing and filling administrations. We are assembled with the most exceptional rapid capsule machines to change over your raw material into a high potential item. We regularly manufacture all sizes of capsules between 0, 00, elongated 00, 000, 1, 2, 3. All our capsules are polished, inspected, and test for metal detection on every batch. CNF is the only capsule manufacturer that is bind to manufacture capsules with the latest updates of encapsulation ensuring high quality at the given time


We manufacture all kinds of capsules- hard, soft, gelatin as per your needs. Being equipped with modern capsule manufacturing machinery, we are highly capable of immense capsule production. Our production minimums for capsule manufacturing orders start between 1,500 and 2,000 bottles. An expert team of Cavendish Nutrition is highly committed to check each capsule’s quality and make sure capsule is not gone through dimples, tucks, splits or uneven fill weights. Every measure is taken to prevent imperfections throughout every step of the capsule manufacturing process, starting with raw material identity and quality.

These honest and transparent manufacturing processes lead us to the top-notch capsule manufacturer in New York.

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